Port Stephens Oldest Winery

Opened in 1993, Port Stephens Winery has gained a reputation as a quality destination for families and visitors of all ages. The multi tourism award winning property offers a friendly and relaxing atmosphere in a natural setting.

First planted in 1984, we have more than 4 hectares of vines ranging from whites such as Chardonnay grapes through to the more unusual red Chambourcin grapes.

Our vineyard has deep sandy soils, an abundance of fresh ground water and cool sea breezes from the unique coastal location.

History of Bobs Farm

Before the wineries, Bobs Farm had a colourful history. The hamlet was actually named after a convict servant who acted as stockman to a land holder called "Gentleman Smith". After long admiring a tract of property he wished to acquire when he was ‘out of his time', Bob died before his ambition was achieved. Eventually, Magnus Cromarty bought Smith's herd and became owner of the land coveted by the stockman. Since this time, it’s been referred to it as "Bobs Farm". During World War II Bobs Farm was home to 600 Portuguese and Timorese refugees living rough in army tents hidden in bush off Nelson Bay Road.

Stroll through the vines

Your Wine Experience

We grow up to seven different grape varieties at any time. And while these days a lot of our wine is made offsite, you can still learn something new about wine and wine making when you visit.

Red wine is made from the pulp of red or black grapes and fermentation occurs together with the grape skins, providing its colour. White wine is made by fermenting juice which is made by pressing crushed grapes to extract a juice. The skins are removed and play no further role.

Things To Do:

  • View our wine making displays
  • Learn about grape varieties, wine types, flavours, and food pairings
  • Touch and smell different grape varieties, on the vine
  • Learn about grape growing and wine making by taking a Wine Walk
  • Browse through our wine literature
  • Sample the wines in our Cellar Door
  • Enjoy a meal, with all dishes having wine matching recommendations
  • Speak with our knowledgeable staff

Wine tasting

PSW_Wine_process_web Click to view the wine making process


Reds, Whites and Brews

Port Stephens Winery shares its home with one of Australia’s leading craft brewers, Murray’s Craft Brewing Co. We think it’s a natural fit – so there’s something for everyone.

Why not extend your winery experience and learn more about craft beer while you’re here?

  • Learn about the brewing process by taking a Brewery Tour
  • Browse through our brewing library
  • View our brewing process information displays
  • Touch and smell some hops and malts
  • Sample the beers in our Cellar Door
  • Ask our knowledgeable brewers and staff about the differences between beer and wine making

Brewery_process_web Click to view the brewery process

Hops - the flavour maker

Open Daily from 10am

  • Opening hours 10am until at least 6pm
    (Some days later, just ask us. Closed Christmas Day.)
  • Wine Walks Daily
  • Brewery Tours daily at 2.15pm
  • Situated in the heart of the Tomaree Peninsula just 2 ½ hours north of Sydney and a short 15 mins from Nelson Bay.
  • No need to drive. Winery shuttle bus service every weekend.
  • Call: 02 4982 6411
  • Port Stephens Winery. 3443 Nelson Bay Rd, Bobs Farm (Port Stephens) NSW 2316